Project Description

IOPASS, startup founded in march 2016 with a mission: take the payment experience to the next level! Fast, simple and safe. No queues. No bureaucracy.

Below is a brief summary of the main areas of activity:

  • Understanding the Payments Industry, Acquirers and sub-Acquirers
  • Business Model for “Lean” StartUp
  • Monitoring of business performance and financial management P & L
  • Creating a Fintech Mobile
  • Commercial proposals
  • Stakeholders support
  • Design Thinking – Product & Services
  • UX / UI – App Design
  • Product Manager – Agile Management
  • E-commerce / M-Commerce
  • Branding

Understanding the pains of the second largest credit card payment market in the world, devoid of alternatives, we have developed a simple, functional and fairly democratic application, accompanied by a backoffice of services that enriches the experience. In this context came the idea of ​​launching the App IOPASS.

The plan is simple: to bring together people and large businesses companies by offering an innovative experience at the point of sale and thereby creating a value-added differential through the partners network. In practice, a huge challenge is to operate in an extremely crowded market within well-established competitors. In addition to being Sub-Acquirers, we also act as a Service Gateway, expanding our possibilities for new business.

The operations began in June 2017 and we continued to conquer commercial establishments as well as new clients during the following months. The system and app went through constant updates aiming to operate in a stable and safe way, with emphasis on the control of new users with different verifications. In addition, database encryption, SSL keys and server frameworks based on the highest security standards. That way we could get PCI certification.

I am very proud to have participated in this project, shared and expanded my knowledge while living with an exceptional team!